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New York and Morocco


This music video I made in NYC and Morocco. The music is about the dream, the people have all over the world to be part of something. Like living in a city as New York or in the desert in Africa. This is a homage to NYC, with its colourful , energetic and fresh ambiance. Really inspiring for artists like me as well. 

Costa Rica, Rainforest near Nicaragua


Made this video at a peaceful river in the rainforest of Costa Rica and a flight over Alaska.  During the shooting I did not realize there was, very close, a crocodile watching me, I heard later. So the crocodile was either not hungry or just watching the same scenery. ONE.

Filmed above Braunwald, Switzerland


Height: 2600 m (8500 ft)

Wind speed: stormy

Temperature: 14 °C (57 °F)


I was inspired to write this song through this amazing subtly constant move in a moving cultural context: I found out, Bela Bartok stayed in the village in the 40ies, right before he escaped with his wife from Europe going to the US.

It was surprising to sense history: I talked to the owner of a hotel in Braunwald. 85 years old. He was  a little scared while listening to Bartok playing on the grand piano at the hotel. He was about 5 years old that time.

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