New York and Morocco


This music video I made in NYC and Morocco. The music is about the dream, the people have all over the world to be part of something. Like living in a city as New York or in the desert in Africa. This is a homage to NYC, with its colourful , energetic and fresh ambiance. Really inspiring for artists like me as well. 

Costa Rica, Rainforest near Nicaragua


Made this video at a peaceful river in the rainforest of Costa Rica and a flight over Alaska.  During the shooting I did not realize there was, very close, a crocodile watching me, I heard later. So the crocodile was either not hungry or just watching the same scenery. ONE.

The interpretation of the symbols in this video is on your side.

Filmed above Braunwald, Switzerland


Height: 2600 m (8500 ft)

Wind speed: stormy

Temperature: 14 °C (57 °F)


I was inspired to write this song through this amazing subtly constant move in a moving cultural context: I found out, Bela Bartok stayed in the village in the 40ies, right before he escaped with his wife from Europe going to the US.

It was surprising to sense history: I talked to the owner of a hotel in Braunwald. 85 years old. He was  a little scared while listening to Bartok playing on the grand piano at the hotel. He was about 5 years old that time.