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The latest single 'Along the coast' is out in January 24. The single 'The pantheons oculus, a homage to the pantheon in Rome, is released in December 21 on the record label Uboot Records.

The Noisedude album PARALLELS got a tremendous feedback throughout the community. Noisedude aka Rainer Serr started with his travelmusicproject in 2015. Fried Dähn, plays the cello on this album. Fried has been cellist at Ensemble Modern Frankfurt, where he worked with Frank Zappa.

Rainer Serr started his musical experience as a drummer in Stuttgart, Germany through Doug Hammond as one of his teachers. He developed music and sounddesign inside the electronic music genre during the Krautrock era with an individual approach.


Later he went to Los Angeles to market the archive (Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich etc.) of the jewish photographer Bruno Bernard, who escaped from Germany in 1938 - and support his grandson Joshua John Miller (currently screenwriter 'Queen of south etc.). There Serr worked with Janet Jackson at her video shootings for her album Rhythm Nation, produced by Terry Lewis. Back in Europe he worked with the producer and grammy winner Manfred Eicher at ECM Records in Munich for artists like Keith Jarrett, Arvo Pärt or John Adams in the jazz- and contemporary classical music genre. He was a screenwriter for TV and score composer for TV-movies and commercials as well.


Now he is living in Switzerland. Hiking and writing in a alpine hut influences his present music to reduce and focus on the important elements.

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